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    What The Hell is Going on with Ax Wound? A Personal Note from Ax Wound Editor Hannah Neurotica

    UPDATE!!!!!. We are publishing on April 30, 2014!!

    Our website is also being updated/fixed as we speak.


    What The Hell is Going on with Ax Wound?
    A Personal Note from Ax Wound Editor Hannah Neurotica
    It is no secret that Ax Wound has been on a hiatus for the past few years. This has been the result of my dad’s passing mixed with the realization that Ax Wound had become something far too big for me to produce alone. I imagine having cut n’ pasted the last issue together while hanging out with my dying father would contribute to the past years of avoidance. However, I can tell you one thing: my dad would want nothing more then me to get my shit together and get this issue out into the world. But other than learning to live with the weight of grief there was another huge factor at play:

    I need help. I really need help.

    When Women in Horror Month went from a blog post to an internationally recognized movement I experienced many stages of self-realization in relation to what it means to make work independently vs. giving up control and working collaboratively. It definitely took getting use to, some major ups and down, but having taken the plunge and allowing people to help expand the WiHM organization it was able to flourish in a way that never could have happened if I didn’t reach out and then allow people in. It is my belief that people, including myself, don’t reach out for help due to some combination of the following:

    We don’t ask for help because we don’t think we need it

    We don’t think we deserve it

    We are afraid nobody will help us and in turn we are left with self-doubt

    It is now crystal clear that Ax Wound cannot enter back into the world and survive the elements without support and help in multiple areas. It has taken me three years but, not being one to give up, here I am putting myself out there and asking for your support in re-launching a bloody crisp and clean Ax Wound hot off the press and in your hands on a predictable schedule and creating consistent online presence.

    The newest issue of Ax Wound (Sex/Horror) is amazing and I am so lucky to have such wonderful contributors whom I can share with all of you. In the past making a few photocopies of the ‘zine was no biggie. Times have changed! It is heartbreaking to share this but due to severe money woes it is officially impossible to publish this issue.

    I am not one to give up when I truly believe in something and I won’t let lack of money keep this wonderful, academic, and fun collection of work disappear into a dusty box in my closet.

    I have been thinking for weeks about how to move forward and handle this situation and feel very good about my plan of action.

    The final product is in my possession, hand cut n pasted and ready to go to a printer. Everyone who contributed to the SEX/HORROR issue will get a photocopy in the mail.

    How will everyone else get to enjoy it?

    I have begun to plan a major Indiegogo campaign for 5,000 dollars (rough estimate as of this writing). This would allow for me to get the zine printed (off set printing) with a beautiful color cover and sturdy binding. Wanna know what is awesome? The publishing will done through a feminist printing company on the west coast called 1984 Publishing. This way you are not only supporting a feminist horror magazine but the bulk of the money raised will go to a small feminist printing business.

    The plan of action is to give myself a solid month to build the Ax Wound Indiegogo Campaign page. This will include a video, breakdown of printing and shipping costs, testimonials, and more. I am seeking sponsors willing to donate swag (or other creative things) for the incentives.

    Another way you can help with printing costs? Purchase ad space in the magazine!

    I am also currently seeking help with the following areas:

    - Production Director

    - Financial Assistant (filled!)


    -Graphic Designer

    -Art Director

    -Staff Writers

    Descriptions of all the positions will be posted on a new page being added to the current website. Speaking of the website it will also be undergoing changes and getting it’s own makeover.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the support over the years. I will do everything in my power to make this work, but I need you by my side.

    Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments

    I will be updating you all on this adventure frequently!

    Deepest thanks!

    Hearts & Butcher Knives,
    Hannah Neurotica

    Tell The Twisted Twins: An Advice Column with Jen and Sylvia Soska

    Tell The Twisted Twins in Ax Wound: Sex/Horror Issue
    Dear Twisted Twins,
    I have always wanted to make a film but I don’t really know anybody in
    my town. What should I do? How can I take on this new creative medium
    without knowing many people?

    - Horror Girl in Nowhere Town

    Dear Twisted Twins,
    Do you have any low budget tips you can share for creating gore? Like,
    what is the best way to make fake blood? What do you do?

    -Blood Virgin

    Dear Twisted Twins,
    Can you give me some advice- I feel like I have so many movie ideas
    but then I get down on myself and think they are stupid or cliche. Do
    you ever deal with self-doubt? How do you get through it?

    -Vampy Van Vixen

    Curious how Jen and Sylvia Soska responded to these? Purchase Ax Wound #4: Sex and Horror. On sale Monday March 11th.

    2012 Brings Anything But Unwatchable Drivel!

    Hands down one of the best experiences of 2012 was taking part in the 48-Hour Film Project. Making a film was something both myself and my creative partner Tammy Dwyer had always wanted to do. For various reasons it hadn’t happened in our lives yet. As two people who thrive on the pressure of deadlines taking part in this intense, very structured, and yet completely creative project was a great jump off point. We formed our team and called ourselves Weed and Butcher Knives. Together our team made a film entitled “The Water’s Fine” and our work was selected as Runner Up for Best Film in New Hampshire.

    No, no, no, this is not what it looks like! This blog is not a sick display of egotism disguised as a post about two other people.But setting the scene is important, right? After all, if not for the 48 Hour adventure I never would have crossed paths with two creative, funny, and insightful artists: Chris Dubey and Rina-fay London Monroe.

    One of the most enjoyable aspects of the 48 Hour project is having all the teams, who actually made the deadline, come together and show their film off on a big movie theater screen. Chris Dubey stood out to me because, well, honestly, there is something horror fans give off that makes us recognizable to each other.

    Cover Art for Dupin's Daydreams
    That is the only way I can think to explain it. My assumption was correct when his team “Unwatchable Drivel” busted out with a super bad ass Walter Mitty inspired zombie short called “Dupin’s Daydreams.” I got the vibe Unwatchable Drivel was made up of my sort of people. The film they put together was so impressive, I was thrilled to know people in this rural area were doing the sort of things I love so much.
    Chris made my night when he walked up to me after the screening to let me know how much he enjoyed The Water’s Fine. I so badly was trying to work up the courage to say the same thing to him and his teammates so it was a heart warming surprise. I hadn’t yet met ms. Rina but knew her as an actress’ in “Dupin’s Daydreams.”

    I was immediately drawn to Rina after Facebook stalking her and at the award ceremony where we all ended up I got to give her a giant hug. Clearly we needed to be friends: She loves horror, she is an actress, comedian, aspiring director, gaga fan, and hello kitty collector like myself. The stars aligned and I feel honored to have met both Chris and Rina. Not to mention it would be a crime against nature if we didn’t join forces and make a film together: something no doubt will take place in 2013.

    I am honored to have the opportunity to share Chris’ newest short horror film, CHAIN. It is a stylish horror revenge short starring Rina-fay London Monroe. After your viewing pleasure take the time to read the interview with Chris and Rina; Two people who really know what it means to be passionate about film making. They discuss making a film on a budget, the creative process, community involvement, and not being afraid to get a little (or a lot) bloody.

    The Berlin Reporter wrote a snapshot on Dubey and Monroe and remind us all that if we want creative spaces in our communities we need to create them.

    Rock ‘N’ Roll High School Class Reunion at Days of the Dead Chicago

    Rock ‘N’ Roll High School Class Reunion at Days of the Dead Chicago
    By Rachel Hoover

    After October’s marathon of terror, Chicago area horror fans had a chance to gather at the Schaumburg Marriott in the northwest suburbs for Days of the Dead. The show ran over the weekend of November 16th-18th, with a large list of celebrities in attendance and several special events. There were both genre regulars and film-centric reunions, including several actors from the original FRIGHT NIGHT. The small convention pulled in a decent crowd, with long autograph lines forming for Roddy Piper (THEY LIVE), and P.J. Soles (HALLOWEEN, CARRIE).